Wet Pavement (GLSL)

Apologies for my long absence from the forums. During this time I have built a new computer with GLSL support, so my posts will probably now be GLSL based (sorry non-GLSL crowd).

I have been outside a lot recently, and noticed that the way a road looks after it rain is something I have rarely, if ever, seen in computer graphics. Of course I may just not have looked hard. Anyway, I decided to give this a shot in Blender.

Some screenshots:

Then I decided to add some scenery.


I also modified martinsh’s awesome fire demo to include smoke, and modified his parallax mapping shader to include fog.


And finally I decided to make a night version.


UPDATE: Now using martinsh’s awesome SSAO filter!

Wow. That’s AWESOME!

Wow, great start to what could be an awesome environment.

A good example of what the BGE can do in terms of graphics (can we ever have enough to give people a reason why they want to use a free engine?)

So…any idea what to make this into?

Also should I post a blend?

You need to implement it a lot more i think, its a start, dont stop there! there are a lot of quality issues that you can think about, like the proportions for example, the bricks are way too big compared to that cilindrical object.
Try to calculate the light to make it look more realistic.
I think that with some work you can make it look very cool.
Congratulations so far

  1. A free roaming place or a ‘Open World’, where you can run around and possibly interact with objects etc
  2. YES!!!
  1. YES!!!

Here you are: http://pasteall.org/blend/4620

WASD/mouse: move camera
3: motion blur ( :slight_smile: )
4: HDR
5: DOF
1: Clear filters
+/-: Adjust HDR amount

Most of these were taken from martinsh’s demo without modification.

Please tell me what you think!

Hey man! I know this is a old post, but im trying to learn some about that, i wanna ask i you have the blend file, and if you can upload it again.