Wet Rock and Rain

So my scene is a grass field that will have a rock in the middle and it will be raining. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do rain so that it looks really misty. I also don’t won’t drizzle, and does anyone have a tutorial on how to bump map a rock.

Kinda like this.

In the physical simulation book in my signature there’s a whole chapter on particles, which might be what you want for the rain. In particular, if you want the rain to splash (for example, against the rock) then emitter particles for the rain and reactor particles on the rock that react on getting hit by the rain particles could work.

As for texturing a rock, the same book gives a detailed description of using node materials to create a ball of lava/rock which could be adapted pretty easily to just be rock. But of course the type of rock you want makes a difference. Simply using photographic textures might be sufficient. You’ll of course want to turn the specularity way up to give the appearance of wetness.