Wet Shoes – Realistic Lighting in Blender

The juicy render from theRealistic Lighting in Blender video course. I wanted to experimentwith a hyper-realistic style in lighting.
Production Time: 12 days
Software: Blender, Cycles


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The wireframe render:


Gleb! Great render, i love this.

Did you sculpt this? I was wondering about the texturing as well, is it vertex painted?

Man keep them coming, eye candies!

PS (5 starred obviously!)

^Looks like scanned shoes going by the wireframe. Photogrammetry?

NIce work Gleb, and thanks for all the tuts.

p’tain trop fort sa ! Great render, very awesome, yeah !

Yes the process looked like this: first I photoscanned the models using Memento (maybe later on I’ll post something about the funny things & solutions during this stage), then I retopologized the boots (that are in the front), and baked textures. After that it was materials and lighting.
What I wanted to do is go over the top and produce something hyper.

I used vertex paint for mixing some textures, but for the most part it’s the photo-based textures.

Very cool! I love the overall grunginess. Beautiful work.

Stop hacking!

A joke?


Hackers of the third dimension. Pirates of the polygon sea. That’s who we are.

Great job Gleb! No matter the means and technique; a great image is a great image.
There is a buttload of hacking/faking stuff even in AAA Hollywood big budget films!

Appreciate artists like you who share their knowledge and secrets openly, thanks Gleb! And seriously man, stop it with the crazy good renders ahah!

That’s exactly what I think!

You’re a CG photographer, if there has ever been one. It’s really cool how you manage to hack the CG medium.

Toshi, you’ve just coined a name for new profession, or a new… I dunno… trend! Woah, that sounds so cool. I’ll write it down to not forget it.

cool work man this is stunning no words can be sayd i like it and it,s so high rez man i dont think that my pc can take it it,s beautiful, not that the shoes are beautiful but the results ,
“and only if the shoes belong to a girl Xb”
awesome :slight_smile:

As always better than good, fantastic comes to mind.

Hackers of the third dimension. Pirates of the polygon sea. That’s who we are

CG Photographer is that the name of the virus. or just too much coffe