Wet Shoes – Realistic Lighting in Blender

I think the heavy color nailed this into an oil paint style. And yes you really meet the realistic level! Cool work!

As always, a stunning work by you!

The only critics I can find is that those converse don’t shine when they get wet, rather than that the color gets darker. It looks like they have been covered with glue

true it,s the only thing missing in this pic ,but it,s not bad at all, i wont even dream of a result like this so i am not complaining i don’t want to let someone down for something i can reach so yes it,s awesome results

Knew that this has to be yours when i saw the picture. You have a very unique style :slight_smile: Great work like everytime Gleb!

Likewise. I saw it in the header and immediately thought “gleb…”

congratulations , since I saw your machine train I follow . Thanks for your teachings

I agree here; I’m not sure the “wet” part is very believable. I don’t mean to take away from such an amazing work, but I think both pairs of shoes are not quite pulling off the “wet” part. Other than that, it’s very impressive–especially the background scene and all of its details.

Gives me an idea… I was wondering how you thought to add all these details, and a long and boring thought came to mind. Read at your own risk.

I used to really suck at writing stories for school. I had no imagination, and could make anything past 300 characters… My mind was dry. So, being homeschooled, my Mom decided to make me write a story, once a week, for a year, using 20 words from my vocabulary book. The words were not related to each other in any ways, and it made me stretch my imagination to new lengths… My first story was nearly a page long (written on the computer), a big improvement from anything I had done previously. My second story was over 2 pages long… And they continued to grow… I credit most of my writing abilities to doing that. If I applied this to Blender, I could make myself a list of 20+ tiny, hardly noticeable details, and add them to my scene, regardless of what it is. Or, when suffering through an art block, I could create a list of 20 random items, and form a scene from them.

Anyhow, that aside, great job. One of my favorites from you! :smiley:

Close shoes looks supercool.
Red shoes bright more than really.

Gorgeous and it really tells a story… Many thanks for the share.

I can almost smell them :eyebrowlift:

Gleb, there are no words :eek:. Your work is mind-bogglingly beautiful!

Typical Gleb. Just looks awesome as always. You are a great inspiration.

Excellent render! :yes:

Awww, yeah, that is HOT!
Pure masterpiece!
Thank you so much for your works!

beautiful work, but I think the red canvas shoes are very reflective, when the fabric is wet, it’s darker and not too much reflection. Could leave a part of dry shoes to serve as a visual reference between what is dry and what is wet.

Great work with texturing. The colour composition is good too.

execellent job, just one thing !! this cgi photo, is too much crystal focus! whe you are more close to a object, more depth to field you will have. When we talk about animation, is right the crystal image, but when is photorealistic cgi, you need to have that in consideration…

awesome job after all, cheers from chile !

Great image!
I can almost smell the funk! :slight_smile:

right?, thy do look so realistic , i cant imagine how much did it take him to just render this wonderful pic