Weta Workshop Digital Design Competition for Blender! (This Month It's Rocket Ships)

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked by Cassie from the Ray Gun Shoot Out competition to post this months Weta Design Competition.



Armed to the teeth with gorgeous eather oscillating contraputronica, ‘tis time to broaden ones horizons.
Take the fight to the back yard of those mouth breathing moon men. Grab your pipe, sniff those blueprints and dust off your pandimensional electrophosphorescent visualisation device.

We must have ROCKETSHIPS!

Thanks to vessels such as Cockswain’s Endangerer, the cosmos is no longer safe for interplanetary vagrants and low brow riff-raff. That’s how we like it.

But we need more.

Using tried and tested materials on the cutting edge of our era, such as brass, hardwood timbers, lead, porcelain, bakelite and tremontium. We implore you to provide suitable vehicular splendour such as befits an interstellar invasion force of 1923!
The very best designs will be handsomely rewarded with Rayguns and other fine merchandise.

See you in the Trenches!

(at 4.30 for aperitifs)

is there any place where i can see the W.I.P ?:confused:

There is no WIP unless you start a thread here :slight_smile: You make your ship then load it up and hope it is good enough- that’s how it worked with the rayguns too. You can enter up to 3 different times though, so if you are not happy with one entry, change it or make another and then enter again!


i submitted an entry and the website says that the render has failed; what could have caused this? was it my model? (its a raygun allthough its time for space ships)
or was it my settings? are there any limitations other than texture images (ao samples, raydepth …)?

the link looks death :(, i have some question too


meyda tiffany

Yes in this forum there is place where you can place this.I did this as well.There is no issue in it to share this thing over here.

the link looks death

is completly death :)hehehe .

I was watching TV the other day and saw this program featuring an article about Greg Broadmore the man behind the Ray-guns. http://tvnz.co.nz/the-gravy/gravy-s4-e8-video-3338577 .