Weta Workshop Digital Design Competition for Blender!

Hello My Fellow Blenderheads,

My name is Cassie Merrick and I am the marketing chick for GreenButton:).
Along with Weta Workshop we have launched a digital design competition for Blender. Its based around the Weta Workshops creation of Dr.Grordborts and involves designing rayguns but we are just about to move into a month of designing rocket ships…wehehehe exciting stuff.

The competition will be running till October with monthly prizes or Weta workshop rayguns and a grand prize of a trip to New Zealand to Weta Workshop to meet

I will keep this forum updated with stuff about the competition, winners and the launch of new categories.

Come check it out the comp at www.raygunshootout.com

There has been some amazing entries from your fellow Blender heads.

Cassie Merrick
GreenButton Marketing Chick
[email protected]

Hi ,

  • do they give us the model of the weapons?
  • when start the new one?
    can you explain it to me please :slight_smile:


Praxedes here, I was lucky enough to come third in the first round and recieved a very nice book for my efforts. I recommend the contest to anyone- good fun and a great learning tool!

Alex- I PM’d you your answer :slight_smile:


Well , it looks interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest in the competition :slight_smile:

Hello Praxedes, Glad you liked your prize, your raygun design was one of my favourites:)

We have just launched out next competition and its ‘Design a 1920’s Rocketship’!

We are very excited to see what the Blender community comes up with!

If you have any questions, plz ask, I will check back to this forum regularly.


is there any place where i can see W.I.P ? :).

i don’t any idea to do hehehehe

Hi Alekzsander,

Do you mean work in progress of the rendering of your entry?

If so we are not able to enable this at this stage. Have you had problems with rendering your submissions?


Hi, well , i would like to see the entries .A link to see people work

No i don’t have problems yet :P.

i would like to see some References to inspire me :).


Oh I see. If you went to check out some of the entries just go to the leader board http://www.raygunshootout.com/halloffame.

Hope they inspire you :smiley:

Great stuff Cassie - I am sketching up a rocket at the moment!

OH Many thanks my friend i gonna see those entries to inspire me :slight_smile: . hehehehe:p

Hey Cassie,

When is the Space Ship comp beginning? We are in June, site not updated yet …


Hi Aidan,

The 'design a 1920’s Rocketshop competition for June is officially under-way. The site is updated but a few late Raygun entries have been submitted into the June competition. I will talk to my tec team next week and look at getting them moved into the Raygun category.

Looking forward to seeing your Rocketship entry =)


Can you provide a direct link to the rocketship page? I’ve been to the main site and I can’t find a link to the new comp anywhere.

Hi =)

Yup sure.


mmmm… those models don’t inspire me :’(.


Just thought I would let you guys know Weta have chosen a winner for May - The head mounted interpolator designed by Radulan. Weta said they liked it for its of the box thinking :cool:

Check out the winner here http://www.raygunshootout.com/submission/128

and woohoo we have a Rocketship entry for June - The Bumble Bee http://www.raygunshootout.com/submission/159

Mmmm :). Nice

excuse me .but i have one question :P.

can i work my model first and after use your script ?.

now I installed all the prerequisites

  • python 2.6(.5)

  • i have python 3.1 installed too

  • blender 2.5x
    am running one of the latest blender builds from graphicall.org

  • i locate it in browser that “Install Add -On” presents

  • the add-on does not appear in the list… so i cant enable it :frowning: