"<WeWa> art maybe"


(don’t forget to copy paste the link, suffering bandwidth limitations at the moment… :x )

“<UnNamed> WeWa: what is that?”
“<WeWa> UnNamed - who knows…”
“<WeWa> art maybe?”
*note still heavily WIP, I wish I knew how to edit wav’s… love to add a fade effect. I’m gonna match the movement to the sound. Whacha think? good, bad, or “No comment”?


no Commend?

I would say No video. I get no movie there.

Hehe! Looks cool! It must be art or something!!! :smiley:


Liked it…

except those 2 secs in which the camera turns left and shows only white…


For editing those Wavs, have you tried Audacity? http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

I haven’t tried it but it’s free, open source and available for Win32, Linux and MacOS9/X :slight_smile:

Nice animation, I had to watch without sound though (due to boss lurking in the office)

S68 yeah I know what you mean, I left that in cause of the length of the sound thingy I made… I’ll take care of it though Audacity… hmmm I’ll give it a try. thanks.


ok now, it works.