wewewolf hair

I’ve been trying to make the hair on this werewolf a lot thicker (not loner) but whatever i seem to d it don’t work i.e highering particle amout etc. Any suggestions

and how do you get the wet look in the mouth area (no funnies)

and how do I give hime a blood stained snout - would that be modelling??


Hi! Nice model!
For thicker hair, you have a setting in the material panel, in Links And Pipeline, the Strand button next to Wire, click on it, and a new little panel will appear. You can choose the Starting size, the ending and the Shape factor. (If you know that, sorry for the useless help :p)

For the wet effect in the mouth, add a cloud texture to your mouth material, and in the Map To panel, remove the Col, and add the Specular and the Nor. And adjust as you wish :yes:.

And for the blood sorry i’ve nothing to give.

Good luck. Hope i help you

You could get a new SVN build of Blender from graphicall.org. It has the new particle feature, which will make your life a lot easier. I gave it a small test yesterday, and was quite impressed how easy the hair was to modify.

Your a funny bastard Dundaglan.
This is far fetched solution to your fur problem.
Decrease the size of your model as far as possible, have the camera match the size. Add some sort of texture to the particle emmitter. Up the Octree resolution to 512.
Don’t ask me why i thought this may have actually made a difference.