Weybec Short Animation

A Quick Animation short we worked on, in Blender at Weybec studio .

"Janmashtami " is the Day of Love and Fortune, The day of Birth of Lord Krishna A Lover, Friend & Divine Guru.
For those who don’t know this celebration here is video link of “dahi-handi” hope you enjoy this as well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRrOemxdMhE

Funniest part was recording the sound :stuck_out_tongue: Goovviinnnddaaaa

we hope you like it…


really nice work! I like that style and your colors a lot. Also great work on animation :wink:
The white/clean background is pleasent to the viewers eye and allows to focus purely on the “action”.

The animation and the style are lovely. Nice and well done!

Thank you so much @Karim_Eich :slight_smile:

I can’t belive 2d style in blender 3d…

This is some really cool work I really love the animation on this

delightful animation and style! well done!