Wh is the best method between'em.. ?


What do you think is the best method to link a game…

for example :

Game that contents Inventory, guns, keys, maps.

You are in Place A, you got a key there (red key)
Place A is into file “place_a.blend”

Place B is into “place_b.blend”

Object : To get red key in Place A and insert it in a door in Place B.

I know how to load “place_b.blend” when player touch the door
Using Collision + key __ AND __ Game - Start New Game.

But how can i do to teleport inventory to new place, in this case place_b.blend

What do you recommend ?.. Make one file with too many scenes inside and interconnect it, or make various .blend files interconnected (like yofrankie).


Save you’re inventory into GameLogic.globalDict, than use a Game->Save GameLogic.globalDict actuator in room A and a Game->Load GameLogic.globalDict actuator in room B. There are other ways like a SQL db, XML files, or a custom config file, but this is probably the easiest to handle. globalDict is a Python dictionary.

Thanks. that sounds good… so, can i do like this form? :

Sensor Controller Actuator
Collision -------------------------- AND ---------Game -) StartNewGame: place_b.blend
Keyboard (S) -------------------/ ----------Game -) Save GameLogic.globalDict

Then in the next blend file (place B)

Collision -------------------------- AND ----------Game -) Load GameLogic.globalDict

is this form right?

Save globalDict before starting a new game ;).

Also, you’ll need to use Python to fill globalDict.