WH40k fAnimation Project

Hey there!

I’m new here, so I’ll start with introducing myself. I’m Polish Blender artist, co-author of Blender - Compendium book, now doing my best with one-man short, the fAnimation project.

I’ve had some hard time thinking where to post it - as it is not finished project, but single models are finished. Anyway, I’m posting it here, hope no objections from moderation.

I’ll not write anything about the fAnimation itself, as I’ve wrote it two times on my youtube and deviant profiles.

So, to make it simple, all my work that was posted for now, is posted on http://galileus.deviantart.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/Galileus . Please, visit, and comment - there or here, as you wish. Or both there (for stats :wink: ) and here (for knowledge).
Posting comments here is highly recommended for not-art related questions and comments, like about spec-glow i’ve used on some presentations or armatures - those of Thunderhawk’s undercarriage are pretty nice, and rhino’s chassis armature is so complicated, I’ve already forgot how it works :wink:

For now I’m pretty close to finish SM’s strike force, I need textures for Thunderhawk, little re-done for Rhino textures and some infantry models and texes.

And one more thing, for all WH40k fans - I strongly encourage you to post questions and comments about Bushido Chapter!

Sorry for double posting, but what can I do?

Anyone for comments? Maybe its because there is no images in post, there will not be. Click da link, not goin’ to make it easier :wink:

For moderator: is that possible to move thread to focused critique? I am on this board for some time, and I see there are much more possibility for comments. Should’ve posted it there in the first place.

Well, if you want comments and crits about something, post for example a model, say what you think about it, and ask for comments. Don’t except people to hunt down the information and look through all your work, several links etc… at least not if you want quick responses :confused:

I very much like the models I saw - a good looking and accurate rendition of the models. I would suggest re-rendering the dreadnought to match the proportions of the youtube video: when I first saw it, it seemed out of proportion, and it was only when I figured out how to turn off scaling that I realised that it was indeed accurate.
My other critique was the Thunderhawk landing video with the large cloud of dust: the dust did not seem to behave realistically, and looked much more like a simple particle effect. I’d reccomend more, smaller particles that act more like clouds instead of a jet of large particles, but I wouldn’t know how to go about doing that so I don’t know how valuable a critique that would be.

This might be offtopic, but have you heard of Rogue Trader, the 40k first-person shooter project? The details are on the forum, so I won’t drag this any more off-topic, but we could do with a skilled modeller/texturer on there.

Apart from that, though, very impressive work! Of course, I would say that, being obsessed with WH40k, but this is good work anyway :wink:

Hiower: Well, you REALLY want me to post me ALL my works here? All 8 model presentation using pictures and 12 videos? Because, you see, all of them is a part of one project, all is done with same technique, all goes for C&C. Or maybe should I go for 10 topics?

Z-Axis: Video-scaling is a confusing thing indeed. Dreadnought is the only model, that was wrong-scaled… Anyway, I’m working now on a new effects with use of Dread: walk cycle, smoke emitters, linked bolters shooting (with use of bolt particle+ smoke particles+ flash particles+ dynamic lights+ nodes tweaking) and missiles lunching. For now, I’m waiting for some tweaks in Jahka particles (I need to redone most of systems with newest build) and working on Thunderhawk textures. This beast uses 5 textures, and last map isn’t unwrapped yet, all because of Neverwinter Nights 2 :wink:
Also, landing sequence is old one, and for now I have much more experience with use of dust particles. Moreover, old sequence isn’t working with new builds, so I’ve to make it again. There is now near-reactor using size of particles, so I plan make some ,virtual particles’’ parented to TH that will react with ground - wonder what will be the effect.
(And NOW I have laptop with Intel Duo, so I can work with bigger, more slow systems :wink: )

In my youtube existence I was asked few times about working with such projects, but I refused, as I already resigned from work with UEaW Team especially for WH40k fAnimation.