whale quickie

(vlk_) #1

Hey all,

i know i was out of the scene for long time, but i’m still blendering, still in love with our great tool, and still watching how things evolve.

I’ve got some time to sit for “fun” project after looong time again, and so i decided to do this quickie based on “tutorial” for one of my friends. I was showing him how to modell using extrude, and there came out basic shape of whale. So today i sit for the project, and made more detailed, and more accurate “comics” whale modell. Took 30 minutes or so, so don’t blame me for incomplexity etc :wink: But comments of course welcome :wink:

Petr (vlk_).


(theeth) #2

I like its big grin :smiley: !


(Dani) #3

Sweet smile! it’s really a fun model. “elastic”, smooth, swift, kind :smiley:
anyway, i love whales, they’re soooo peaceful! :slight_smile:

(system) #4

I like it!

(dickie) #5

your whale reminds me of bill flemings work for some reason.
i like it’s tude!

(wewa_juicyb) #6

it’s gotta be free willy. He’s the only whale i know of who has a bent dorsal fin. that has got to be one happy whale though… sheesh I ain’t ever seen a smile like that before :smiley: