An little project, inspirated by an great underwater tutorial by cg geek.

Hey look! A whale!!! I’ve never seen such a beautiful thing. I always think that it could eat people, but it is strict planktonivore.

It’s mouth looks a little like a boat. Or maybe it has to look like that

yea, they are beautiful and worth protecting.^^
They are hunchbacks, whitch have indeed an relative pointed “nose”. :slight_smile:
I modeled and textured it by hand so there may be deviations to the nature anyways.

I’m convinced, looks just like the real thing.
Nice attention to detail, with the barnacles on the whale’s skin, and the ocean looks…well just like I expect it to. Nice work.

Wow !! Really GREAT job !

Very cool man! Love the way you combined the Tutorial with your own touch and made something awesome!

Awesome work! Is the water procedural?

Thank you for your replies!:slight_smile:

I dont know, what you mean with procedual, but the water is made with one big ocean-modifier-plane. here an picture of the solid viewport.

By procedural, I meant made with procedural textures like voronoi. I think the ocean modifier uses noise textures to get the water pattern too.:smiley:

undersea scene nicely done. Beautiful use of light

super shot… nice colors and great models… 5*

Great work indeed! :slight_smile:

outstanding :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, for your that positiv returns! :slight_smile:

Really beautifull picture.
water effect is very impressive.

o.O it really awesome. It looks like a real underwater sea :slight_smile:
Awesome I love it

Beautiful render of beautiful creatures!

WOW!!! Just . . . WOW!! :cool:

Wow! Majestic.
You really captured the feeling of nature’s awesomeness.

Humans are born out of nature. Humans create computers. Humans use computers to portray the beauty of nature. Full circle.

amazing shot! congratulations