whambam! f1 is here

heres my f1, i havent touched it in ages, im pretty sick of it now. texturing is pretty screwed, but maybe ill put in the effort and get it entered by tonight.

stuff to fix:

texture arm thingy
fix floor texture <make it metal>

f1 entry


oh and the story is…

in the future, it was quickly made apparent that a hovering vehicle was considerably faster and more efficient than one with wheels. the formuila one rules were modified to allow for hover racers, bringing the popularity of the sport right up. no since motorbikes have always been far quicker than a car, car designers noted that since there was no specifications for wheels, that a hoverbike would also be quicker than a car.

i just made that up

oh, and you may recognise this from an old old old thread, its an old model i found and did up…


sweet i like it alot. For me its kinda hard to figure out what is what. Maybe change the angle a little, also what is that thing in the middle with the glass/shield over it?? :wink:

Good job only one day left

the main “thing” in the middle is the motorbike bit, the “thing” under the windshield is the front of the dash. maybe ill fiddle a little…

Oh ok duh i feel like an idiot now. I’ll be leaving :expressionless: :expressionless:


righty, updated texture, bevelled a bit, changed camera angle, and threw some more lights in for good measure

I think that looks better.

hih, it’s the most original so far.
I have no idea how it works :slight_smile:
looks like it’s fixed to the ground with some sort of arm thing.
but motors are huge…

yeah, the arm thing is a cradle to hold it, it looked pretty silly just floating in mid-air. thanks for the kind comments guys

Pretty cool modelling. It needs some details though. Like i dunno, exposed hoses, or electrical arcs or something.

yeah, im working on my big project at the moment now, i think ill just enter it as that. ill remember that for next year though.

GFX nice work. The updates since I last saw this are great.

Deffinatley one of the more original concepts. Wicked.


Amazing! but i wonder if that fits F1 status, u actually drew GP bikes, wether on wheels or not F1 would for hover cars not bikes (at least that’s the logic my brain follows). any way excellent. question: if this pic is from front side, the turbines are actually hyper air suckers?

hehe, yeah, them’s big suckers. not sure what youre on about with the bike hover car buisness. i diddnt think about it that much. now let this thread die and start critiquing gabriel!