Whammy pedal

I finish my Whammy pedals models, what do you think about this?
what its good and bad In your opinion.


I like it! The whole thing looks great but I really like the way the LEDs are scattering the light. Very cool.

Overall it’s great. Like mrjohnjoyce, The LEDs are what stand out to me(I’m a sucker for small details). My only criticism would be the whole thing seems narrow compared to the real thing.

Thank you guys! Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Tom Morello called. He want his whammy back :wink:

This looks… FUCKING INCREDIBLE!! Did you make your own textures from your pedal? How long did it took you to fully model it??

Thanks… yes i made own texture only dust is download from web. How long? a few hours.