What a lowpoly morning?!

Hi there,

I d’like to get some feedback for my actual project. It’s the visualization of a little town in Switzerland. For generating the landscape I used QGis and AccuTrans3d. The buildings I got form the swiss federal bureau of topology. I used a particle system for the forest, the other vegetation was hand placed with the snapping tool.

I think the content is coming together quite well, but I’m at a point where I don’t know where i can take it from here. I don’t strive for photorealism, I like to make a good picture.

Of course I used the denoising feature and the filmic color management. All renders with just 128 Samples.

Let me hear what you think. Thx.


Wow that is a really nice piece of work, if this is a WIP, what is the end goal? What are you trying to achieve by this model?

Was asking myself the same, what is your goal? This is already looking pretty good!
I totally like the ligting, trees and overall colour scheme!

I think I used to live in that town.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing you’re going for that miniature look. And I’d say you hit the mark. Good job.

My only critique would be: Where’s the river?

Every town in the western world is founded beside a river for easy access to a water supply.

Thanks. Thats the thing. I don’t know if I can call it finished. I’m still thinking theres something missing or something that can push the image a bit further. Maybe I’ve gone 90% and i wanna go those last 10 procent. - I thought of adding little lowpoly cars and a lowpoly train but then it wouldn’t rarly been seen on the image.

The render is a commission for a political organization of that town and they want to show a birdseye view on their website and on a large banner. I think thats my main problem, if I didn’t this as a commission, if would have choosen am much more iconic town or city. In the render nothing is really shown or stands out. Everything has the same importance. If i did this for an architecture, i could push the new buildings or whatsoever. But now, theres no highlight in it.

Don’t get me wrong, i like how the picture turned out, i just want to go that last 10%.

rontarrant: In fact theres a river going through the whole picture its a bit covered by its surrounding threes. But i think youre right, i have to show the river a bit more.

Thanks everybody, let me know if I should show you some of the process

Best regards

I think i will leave it as it is, added some clouds and a few details.

Please view in fullscreen.

I think these are really great. I’d like to see a bit of the process if you’ve got anything.

Thanks. I’ll try to show some of the process later. For now just clay renders and one view port shot.

Very intriguing. You don’t usually see low poly scenes this big. Nice work.

Awesome, the clay looks like a deep snowfall.

Its really cool, but can you please tell me did you use a particle system for the houses and how many difrient houses did you use.