What a pleasant suprise...

Heh I just recieved a pleasant little suprise this evening. My dad has been in Kansas City for work for the last week. He just got home this evening, and had a nice little package in the back of his car inside a apple store sack. I bet a lot of you can geuss what was inside it :smiley: Hint, the keyword is “little”. And no, it’s not an iPod of any kind. I already have a regular 20 gig, and just got my iPod Shuffle earlier this week.

I’ll give you three geuss’s :smiley:

Kansas_15’s head? :-?

j/k :wink:

Let’s see:
a cat?
A bunch of apples?

Third guess will come later…

A yak in heat?
Frog in a blender?
Woman driver?


My dad got one for him a week or 2 ago. AND ITS PIMP…

Hope you have fun with it.

Cool. The Mac mini is really an awesome machine.

Well I’m glad someone was paying attention :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep it’s a mac mini :smiley: I’m loving it :smiley:

Speaking of small powerful things, I just had my first real experience with a Nintendo DS. Needless to say, I’m now extremely anxious to go to WalMart next week…

Anywho, I’ve heard a little bit about these Mac Minis, but not much. I’m pretty much clueless to the Mac world. How’s it treatin’ ya?

Awesome so far :smiley: Just picked up a monitor for it today. Seems everything is working great :smiley: