What about a SLC, Utah, USA Blender User Group?

I just noticed that the Michigan Blender User Group (BUG) thread was the most recently posted to in news.
and it reminded me that I have been wondering for awhile about BUGs…
most specifically, are there enough of us (blender users) in my area (Salt Lake County, Utah, US) to start a BUG?

and what about everybody else who’s not in Michigan?

so, if you live in Salt Lake County or nearby, please post here, just saying something simple like yes.

and, is this the right forum for this thread?

Now I want to move to Utah!

You’ve got two wonderful planetariums nearby. (Clark and Ott) Both have production teams who use or have used Blender, and the folks at the Ott have a nice Blender resources page: http://community.weber.edu/planetarium/productionshare/blendertraining.html

really? i didn’t know they used blender. i’ll have to check that out.

…but i was thinking of people from the forums more.

Well I am totally new to Blender and 3D art as well. I live in American Fork, so any real life help, support or just local conversation would be great.

We’re interested in forming SaltBUG (or some other clever name).

Ron Proctor
Ott Planetarium
Weber State University

wow. too late. i already did something about it. http://blender.utos.org/

thing is, there has been no interest, so we’ve skipped two months, sadly. if interest shows up, i’ll gladly start meetings back up.