What about a tutorial link area?

(VelikM) #1

Does it seem like a good idea to have an area for tutorial page links (not discussions) rather than having the posts about tutorials disappear into the gloom?
What do you think?

(S68) #2

Indeed could be nice.


Tuts are fairly spread all over the community. Nonwithstanding the excellent effort of some of us to keep pages of links of collections on their site we lack a centralized system.



A centralized search engine where all tut writers can register their tutorial, with keywords etc… Will try to code in something and let you know.


(blengine) #3

sounds like a grand idea =) im all over the net sometimes searching out tutes…

(DaniHell) #4

great idea. People like me who are new to blender and 3d graphics world do really apreciatt!! Keep doing a great

(IngieBee) #5

Well, a hell of a lot of tutorials would be posted if Kib would add this to his links page:


Also, my site has the old Blender site tutorials on it until NaN or Blender opens up shop again:


(joecool) #6

wow I just had an idea! Now I know what everyone is talking about…lol
if you have a link to a tutorial, send them to me at
[email protected]
and I’ll post a massive tutorials section.

I’ll categorize them by subject, so put the subject.
ingiebee, I’ll get all of yours on as soon as I can.
I’ll try to get this up as soon as possible.

As soon as I can get Acrobat, or if anyone knows of something that can convert files to pdf, I will try posting pdf copies too. that would be a heck of an asset.

(dreamsgate) #7

I have Acrobat 5. I can convert files for you if you want. In fact Acrobat 5 can even convert web pages to PDF. So if there are tutorials already posted online you could send me the link and I could convert it.

(Timothy) #8



I was already working on it a while back, I might finish this up in about 2 ~ 3 weeks.


(IngieBee) #9

Also, It’s sad to see how many of those tutorial links from Green’s site are no longer active. I used to use alot of them (I even have a few on my computer) but now they’re gone. :frowning:

Oh well, actually having people post their site and any site they come accross to a new location is a good idea, it will be more updated :slight_smile:


(malefico) #10

Well, Green has a couple of dead links to tutorials in my site. Even though I warned him a bout this, he never updated them (see the spanish section)… so, here they are:

http://malefico.netfirms.com/tutorials_table.html (english)
http://malefico.netfirms.com/tutoriales_tabla.html (spanish)

My 2 cents.


(joecool) #11

OK well nevermind…it seems like kib is pretty up to date :wink: good job man,