what about a tutorial serise ?? ?

some of the members here required from me to create an explanation of “how did i model this character” before some time

do you want the tutorial “Video+Audio -English-” (about 400 Megas as total size)
or HTML ?? ?
i want to make the tutorial very detailed and shows a lot of techniques , i don’t know , but i think that HTML is better , because it may be held in 3DTOTAL and wikis etc …

i’m thinking of HTML “don’t worry i will try to detail it as much as i can”

so what do you think ?? ?

and the tutorial serise will include how to UVW and Texture …
and in the future maybe “RIG+Animate”

i started this thread to ask
1- html or avi ?
2- give me a character please to make tutorial about it “preferably BluePrint” , but it’s type must be a human “a hero” not far from the image above
thanks for you all :slight_smile:


And dont forget the rain tutorial too.


hehe … , i can’t make an HTML and an AVI at the same time lol … , maybe after Completing the HTML , an AVI too … :slight_smile:

And dont forget the rain tutorial too.

don’t worry , i didn’t forget it …

Thanks for doing this. HTML Would be my preference.