What about Grandparents???

I was working through a blender tut, ‘the Stephenson Rocket’ locomotive and am stuck on an animation involving parenting. The axels and wheels are children of an empty object that,when selected, rotate the wheels. Works fine until you make the whole locomotive a child of a new empty object for animation purposes. It seems that all the prior parent/child relationships disappear! All the objects lose their parenting and are now merely listed in alphabetical order in the outliner panel.

What might I be missing here??? :confused:

you probably parented the child to the empty along with the rest of it. deselect all existing children before parenting to the empty.

The new parent is another empty object that is meant to move the entire locomotive. If I deselected the wheels/axels and their respective empty object, they would not move along with the rest of the loco. Let me try to reframe this:

1 and 2 are children of 3. 4 and 5 are children of 6. I want to make all these children of 7, but I want 3 and 6 to retain their parent authority over 1,2 and 4,5 respectively. This isn’t what happens when I select everything and make 7 the parent. All the previous relationships are erased and this is no bueno!

you need to make 3 and 6 children of 7. but not 1,2,4 or 5, since they will already inherit the loc,rot,scale of 7 through 3 and 6.