what about the webplugin????

(sara) #1

it was supossed to be installed automatically from NAN´s website but now… where can we link people to download it??

(SirDude) #2

If anyone has a copy of it I’ll post it to

email me a link to it or it.
[email protected]

(sara) #3

the problem is that internet explorer downloaded it automatically.

if we find out which files it used we could change the source code of the html and link to a semi official site.

(Pablosbrain) #4

I pulled two files out of my IE installed plugins folder.

Blender3DPlugin.inf (config?)
Blender3DPlugin.ocx (active x control)

I’d like to setup a page that the plugin can be installed from but I’ve never done that. If anyone can provide some guidance. At work I should have a copy of the netscape compatible one installed in Mozilla and Netscape 4.x… So… if anyone knows how… email me at [email protected] or post a comment on my site at http://www.pablosbrain.com

(system) #5

I do have a zip file if anyone wants it. It hass all the files needed but the webpage to install it may be corrupt so it will need re-writing.

Any use?

Contact me at [email protected]