What actually works in the game engine renderer?

A few notes and questions:

Ordinary material colors don’t work, of course. (This really should be fixed.) But all the controls for them still can be set, even after you turn on “actor” for an object. Turning on “actor” should disable all the controls that aren’t going to work in game mode.

Matarials with textures work if assigned via the UV editor. (As documented.)

Materials without textures work if vertex coloring is on. (Not documented. Bug or feature?)

Translucency and alpha settings for materials have no effect. (Not surprising, but undocumented.)

The alpha channel in a PNG object seems to have no effect. (Is this a bug, or a draw order issue?)

The UV coordinate system doesn’t always agree between the main renderer and the game renderer. (Bug?)


  1. Is there any way to get translucency in the game engine?
  2. Is there a good list anywhere of exactly what doesn’t work in the game engine? (I have the 2.3 Guide and the GameKit book, and it’s not in there.)


you can use the following texturing features:

  • coloring via vertex colors and/or image maps
  • transparency via images with transparency (PNG/TGA)

UV with the regular renderer works if UV is selected in the material buttons.


It’s also necessary, it turns out, to turn on “Alpha” in
UV Face Select -> Texture Face, or the alpha channel in the image is ignored.