What Add-on do you expect after Bmesh is in trunk?

Hi all. I thought it would be a good idea to post in one thread (here) what Add-ons you blenderheads are expecting/wishing to be integrated into Blender.

For my part although the Add-on Dynamic paint is already in trunk I’d love to see more options/fonctions implemented witch I guess it will, because there are so much more that could be done with it I’m sure.

As a side note I’m not sure if this could be part of Dynamic Paint but something similar to Paint Effects (aka like in Maya) would be cool.

Getting late… more ideas later :slight_smile:


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No expectations, but I’m hoping for Chromoly’s vertex slide. Or with the same functionality.

Only one: A working bevel which does not unnecessarily triangulate the mesh.

It would be absolutely trolling if I were to point out the years-ago thread (and bug reports) where I used to plead they fix this and at the time, the developers blamed the “any moment now” B-mesh development as their reason for not taking any action.

Bevel and inset / offset are the most important in my humble opinion.

Yafaray importer.

i fully expect a ‘make my scene look perfect’ add-on … as bmesh is the end-all be-all of everything and i could NEVER do anything worthwhile without it …

You can already use add brush in particle mode for hair particles. Then you can change Path to Object in Render Panel or use a Particle instance modifier.

Perhaps like a fade into eachother option for materials and textures.
more inbuild textures and perhaps rotate the texture mapping.

Get the New nurs tools as soon as possible
can’t wait to get more flexibility with Nurbs!

happy 2.6

I just can’t wait to re-write all my AddOns (yaay!! followed by poop).

BMesh does seem to be fictional, I remember talk as far back a 2.46 that BMesh was just around the corner. If it was cutting edge 3 or 4 years ago, by the time it gets implemented there will be another hot new thing that Blender will be missing.

I pulled down a BMesh build and thought I would try out the API but there is no API as of yet.


So I’m guessing Blender 2.63 with Bmesh will have no add-on’s available in regards to mesh tools for quite a long time!?

Pre-selection highlighting would be awesome.

Campbell had this to say in other threads about the current state of the BMesh API:

“there is a python api for mesh access, however its very cumbersome to use for python mesh editing, and I wouldnt want to promote it as the new mesh api. for simple import/export it is usable though.”


“the py api will change and we’ll get a bmesh python api soon after merge so you can write tools in python with a nice api which knows about geometry connectivity (finally!).
Script breakage will be easy to fix for import/export, for existing mesh editing tools - the breakage is much bigger, though Id expect most of these would want to move to use the new (to-be-written) py-bmesh api anyway.”

any idean how to work to list like Verts ed and faces

any example for this simple task ?


Hopefully the new[-ish] mesh API will remove the annoying (and performance-killing; particularly on large meshes) need to toggle between Object mode and Edit mode in just so Python scripts know which vertices are selected. </passive-aggressive feature request> :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect to remove alot of addons & start again.

I would love to see the Zmj100 addons for Ngons.
Fillet and inset outline…

how about having something to show in viewport the dim / lenght in foot and inches
which is still missing i think !

happy 2.6

Could you please explain better what you mean here?
I’d like to put relevant information in the wiki for Bmesh tools suggestions created by Campbell: