What addons are the Gooseberry guys running


I was just wondering if the Gooseberry staff is running the vanilla Blender/Gooseberry-build, or if they are using some community addons and/or other customizations.


One addon we animators are using is the brilliant timesaver written by Antonis which gives us savable selection sets for armatures.
This is yet to be published anywhere, but will be soon.

All the rigs are from Juan Pablo Bouza, so we use the Blenrig addon for them.
Also, many are using Pablo’s awesome “amaranth” addon, which is has a bunch of stuff to speed up your workflow.
Apart from that, I’m using my own addon “freen’s anim tools” which is pretty humble and just puts some convenient shortcuts for animators in the properties panel.

freen, I didn’t start this thread but thanks for answering. My first thought was every add-on ever created for blender including the pay for use ones. You have put that to rest. However, it would be interesting to hear from the modeling team also. @knekke I didn’t mean to step on your thread here but all we are after is their thoughts I would think. And, you got this ball rolling.

Thanks for answering freen.
@theoldghost: I didn’t see that thread before… I’ll make a link to this one in case some of the other guys want to add something.


We all do it occasionally and how could we not with the traffic on the forum here. Thinking of posting a thread and go searching well good luck. What you might be searching for is on page seventy eight or the search box doesn’t turn up anything for whatever reason.