What am I doing wring with these eyelashes?

Can you advise me on 2 sided alpha for eyelashes please?
I can’t get it to look right.


The image file doesn’t show it all that clearly, but the polys used to pu the eyelash texture on are still visible themselves, when all I want is the black lashes.

Thanks for looking.

Here is a render I saved out which shows the polys a bit better.

ps *wrong


Looks like a part of your problem is the Ambient Occlusion. For AO there exists no such thing as transparency - as soon as geometry is close together it will get occluded. That’s why hardly any light reaches the eyes any more…

Thanks. Now the lashes render ok from above, although there is a white corner of mesh showing up.

I’m not sure why that doesn’t apply from below though.

That’s specularity which is left on alpha material and it is seen when light reflects - that’s why you don’t see it from below.