What am i doing wrong?! (fur)

Im trying to make fur, something like this;


But it looks like this;

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o289/tedcase/mouse.jpgcan anyone point me in the right direction? i basically want more fur and thinner strands. not too worried about the colour yet, im hoping that will come with the texture.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You should be able to control the size of the fur in the material panel, under “Strand” button where you can set initial and final size of your fur.
I’d add an alpha texture also to my shader to obtain the smooth effect on the end of the fur blending into the background and increasing thinness itself. So make a linear gradient with one of the color going alpha zero and map it as “Strand” in the “Map To” panel.

Even if that’s not enough to reach that level, it could surely help!

Wow, thanks the first part was great, and looks better already, but im afraid you lost me at the “alpha texture…” bit, i have no idea what that is :frowning: how is it different to a regular texture?

so i modded the fur size and added some “child” strands and it looks great, thanks for your help :smiley:

if it looks great, show us, since this is the works in progress section;)


yeah, i would, but this model was made for an animation and with the fur as it was, it kindof hides the mouth, and the whole point was as a follow up to my last posted animation (which nobody commented on, forshame! :frowning: ) whereby i continue to practice emotions and lip syncing.
so if you cant see the mouth, it makes the whole process a bit of a waste of time.

ill update as i work on it regardless.

lol, it looks like a soaked rat… XD

Ok, I hope these images could explain better than my english :yes:
Click to enlarge.

This is for setting the Blend texture with alpha value

and here you tell the material to use the texture as overall and overriding alpha value for your fur

Let me know your progress!