What am i doing wrong here?

Hi, I’m very new to 3D (I have done basic 3dsmax projects before), but now i use linux ony.

I tried to do some basic box modeling in blender, and everything looks fine in the viewports, but the render comes out crap, im sure you can see what i mean in the attached jpg

What am i doing wrong?

Better quality picture:


To me it looks like a lighting problem.

A good place to start.

IMHO lighting. see wiki section on lighting, or a tutorial. enjoy!

Thank you, i should have payed more attention to lights, and thank you for the link, i will add it to the list of blender-stuff-to-read :slight_smile:

Yes, dusted, we all had to learn. With programs like Blender, to get a great image, one third of your effort will be in making the mesh, one third will be in texturing, and one third will be lighting.

i think its your lighting