What am I doing wrong in this tutorial?


I’ve tried different stuff but I can’t seem get it right, how do I get the hat to look like that? :eek:

I’ve uploaded my hat so you can check it out! Thanks.


hat.blend (136 KB)

This tut took me a few tries too back when I did it. :wink: Your cursor is not where its supposed to be. Make sure you follow each step to a T.
hat.blend (123 KB) There you go, but I suggest redoing the tut. :yes:

Don’t forget to remove doubles. you had 21 just sitting there asking to be cleaned up:)

Hmm, I still haven’t found a solution, I’ve tried following the tutorial as exact as possible.
I’ve tried doing the curve pattern in sideways and topview, I’ve selected the vertex to the far right and done the Shift+S thing. I’ve tried spinning every vertex, spinning them all the same time, just spinning a few ones.
It says I should be spinning while in top view but no matter what I do, the thing remains flat, if I move the view a little though, I see better results.
The closest result I managed to come up wih was by doing the pattern in sideway mode.

I think I’ve got it. Your hat is rotated wrongly. Try going in to side view rotating the outline -90 degrees, then select the top-most vertex Shift-S Snap Cursor to Selection then selecting the entire thing going into top view and pressing spin. That should do it.

I got you file, press NUM7 top view
go to edit mode and vertex
select the vertex of the original profile and press ‘P’ to separte
press TAB, select the separate object
now i positioned the cursor at the end of profile, select vert SHIT+S Cursor-> selecton
now select all verx press A once or twice …

before you press spin, change the view to front NUM1
and the press spin …

Thanks! Both of these above seems to have worked, however, about Willington’s post:
I did not quite understand the part about separating the object but I still got it to work somehow. :open_mouth: