What am i doing wrong?! (with .blend)

hey chaps,
So ive been playing about with the GE, and made this, its not a serious project at all, im just teaching myself the basics.

The problems are thus;

Before i added a projectile, the dude walked along th surface of the “floor” plain, but now, he floats again, which is confusing, obviously i have done something to bugger it all up, but i cant figure out what.

secondly, his gun, doesn’t seem to shoot straight when he turns around, it does turn with him, but not always correctly.

and finally, how would i create a delay between me pressing the shoot button, and the “bullet” actually leaving the gun, so that it is in sync with the firing animation?

ive included the .blend file so if anyone feels like having a look and pointing out how i could fix it i would be most most grateful, and back on my happy trail of discovery :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the support fomr the Blender community! :smiley:



controls; up down left right arrows, and space to shoot.

dont have time to look right now(not sure if i could help anyways)

But there shouldn’t be a delay between you pressing the shoot button and the “fire”
Look at any video game out there and you can see that
It’s just because it will seem to “lag” when you fire

But if its for a grenade or something here is a logic setup:

timer set to 10 or higher

“trigger”>and>set timer to 0
property reaches 5>and>“fire”

i cant get the .blend to download from that site, can you just attach it to a reply on this forum instead?

Oh really?

Im at work now, ill have a look when i get back, thanks for looking anyway.