What am i doing wrong?

Hi all.

I recently downloaded (in fact just then:)) the blender 2.46 RC1, but it wouldnt work. As soon as i started blender, it shut down. I though that my version of python would need to updated, so I downloaded the latest version, but it wouldnt work! So blender 2.46 RC1 still isnt working for me and I dont know what to do. I hope Im not going to miss out from here on in!

What am i doing wrong? Is there something that i need to do or get? My mac is a 10.3.9, capable of running blender and the latest version of python. Can anybody help me?

thanks in advance,


Which version were you using before? 2.45? Or a different one?

I was using 2.45

The official RC1 installs just like the real thing. Did you download it from http://download.blender.org/release/ ?

Yep i did use that page

I really don’t know much about Macs, so I can’t really help you. :frowning:
Perhaps you downloaded the wrong architecture? (powerpc vs intel)

That’s really all I can guess…

deleting this entry…

Yeah i got the right type (power) ah well thanks for your help anyway guys. I guess i should just wait around until the proper launch and sees how it goes then!