What am I doing wrong?

Hi. I’m pretty new to Blender… so 2.5 is pretty much my starting point (though I dabbled very little in previous versions and got to know a little bit about the program).
My problem I’m sure is a simple one. I am trying something supposedly aimed at beginners. It is Box Modeling an Alien Character in Blender 2.5 by Wes Burke, located at http://vimeo.com/7905406?hd=1 . Right at the start, we have the cube and it is changed to the front view. Instead of seeing a solid box… I am seeing the box with lines showing the side vertexes and back… so it almost looks like a gem of some sort… As a result, it is making it very difficult to move on with the tutorial.
How do I set it so that I am not seeing these lines… so that what I edit in front also happens to the back. What am I missing here?
Thanks… hope it makes sense.

Maybe 5 on the numpad?

Thanks for the quick response. Can’t believe it was something so simple…

yeah, 5 on the numpad will toggle to/from Perspective/Orthographic Mode. in Ortho, there’s no sense of depth and distance, it shows everything like it was in 2 dimensions… personally, i prefer Ortho, but Perspective is also useful sometimes :slight_smile:

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