What am i rigged to ? a simple question from a begginer.

Hi all. here goes my first post :slight_smile:

I’m a migrant from max to blender, and i’ve been able to adapt quite rapidly. Charming little piece of software this is :slight_smile:

however i haven’t been able to figure one thing out :

in max, when a bone was selected, all the vertices mapped to this certain bone would be shown along with their weights.
In blender though, if i have an already-rigged model, i cannot find out what is rigged to what ( my main objective is to replicate the rigging).

its a really simple question i know, but any answers are appreciated.

You can see the weights in weight paint mode
Depending on how the object was originally rigged you can see the bone weights in the object’s Vertex Group panel

Hi gamer_alien
Just recently I saw on the blendercoders youtube channel a video about the new weigtpaint tools for 2.68.
Might be interesting for your workflow.