What app. do you code Python in?

I’m curious what you all use to program Python with. From beginning with Python, I’ve only used Blender’s text editor, due to it being conveniently built in to Blender where all the rest of the work is done. I’m pretty sure I saw a thread about this a while back, but I’d like to see what your most up to date responses are.

What text editor or IDE to you use to code Python in for your games? (ie: notepad++, Blender’s text editor, Vim, Eclipse, etc.)

What is your reason for using this editor? What are its pros and cons?

I used to use Notepad++. And, to some degree, I still do, as it is lightweight, quick to load and provides a wide variety of features. However, for more serious coding, such as my game project, I use Eclipse with PyDev. It’s very powerful and helpful for debugging! You can download blender definitions to add autocomplete for python functions. The downside is it’s a little heavy to load.

I have always preferred a light weight text editor over an IDE for most programming tasks. For larger projects I use eclipse, but I havent got to the level of python scripting that I need massive project organisation.

I spend most of my time with blender on linux, and I have grown to love ‘kate’ text editor. It has code highlighting and a few other simple features, nothing too complicated. I especially love its file find and replace features which I use all the time.

I have yet to try python with eclipse. I have used it for c++, some java, but not for python. I need to have a look at using it with PyDev as agoose77 said.

On mac I use TextMate. It’s a must-have for every mac user that’s a programmer. It’s very lightweight, very customizable, and works with every language. (No, I’m not affiliated with them haha).

But yeah, for mac it’s a no brainer. TextMate all the way.


I prefer Geany. Some code-completion, project support, and syntax highlighting’s good for me. Cross-platform, too. I used to use Notepad++, but it crashed for me. This was a while ago, though.

I use Gedit in linux Ubuntu/mac OS X Lion. Good enough for me.


For general scripting I use Notepad++. For large projects, such as a whole game, I use eclipse. I also use notepad++ for much more than python.

if you on windows, then visual studio shell, and pytools, are good, and they are free :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the responses. I checked out Ninja-IDE (cool recursive name) and it looked pretty great, but I had a few issues with the beta version crashing. I have also used Notepad++ on several occasions. Eclipse is pretty heavy, but I’ll have to check out the PyDev addon for it sometime.

I concur with this. TextMate all the way.

On windows I mostly used Notepad++ but I also fooled around with Submlime. It was pretty good.

well a little but powerfull thing which lack in blender edit text is the ability to close a indentation ! (that keep the script ever short)
this is the only very lack in BET for me.
well , then can be other things , but the more important is this.
with BET starts a issue if the script is over than 100 line .

I have tried also : geany : this is vell done and simple but unfortunely is slow in windows (while work very well in puppy(unix))
pyDev…is only a container of folder , maybe need to install ALSO Eclipse, starts to be too complex .

i use a bit Notepad++ , not make me crazy(the windows of customize is pretty ugly) , but can close the indentation and on windows work well

NINJA work well in windows?
is simple and robust?

by screenschoot seem a bit geany, i want try it

Pydev is great, just download eclipse and install it, and then go to window-install new software and type in the Pydev update address

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I use Ulipad for about everything concerning python programming. Its open source, cross platform and has the best autocompletion I have seen by now.

By the way, did someone manage to get autocompletion of bge modules to work in any IDE/Editor?

Yes, there was a file somewhere. Google is your friend!

Sublime Text 2 is in beta and its very nice. Very smooth, lots of attention to detail. It also looks great.

seem cool, but cannot close the indentation??

Thats Sublime Text 1, you can contract expand code blocks in Sublime Text 2

EDIT: When you hover over the left margin the expand/contract buttons appear