What Apps do u have on ur Mac?

:smiley: Used Copericus for screenies:


Lets see… I have Safari, Preview, iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, Guitar Band, Blender, GIMP, Nicecast (internet radio broadcaster), Audacity, iDVD, Mail, QuickTime, TextEdit… These are just the ones I use regularly.

My Word, BM345

I have 96 items in my apps folder. I use maybe 10. Hmmmm.

No screenie RedJay? See, the tools I have on my dock are those of a pro. :smiley:
From the left:
Finder, Dashboard, Firefox, Mail(No use), Safari, VLC Media Player(The Swiss army knife of media players), Mozilla Thunderbird(No use), iChat, Address book, iCal, Preview, Quicktime, OpenOffice.org, iTunes, SweetHome3d, iPhoto, Photo Booth, Skype, Disk Utility, PwnageTool(Haven’t gotten to use yet), iDVD, System Preferences, Grab, GIMP, Terminal(Who could do without it?), Armegatron Advanced(Ubuntu-found), Front Row, iMovie, Tetris Elements, TextEdit, Garageband, Spaces, iWeb(Not publishable…yet), Pixie, Time machine, Seamonkey, Xcode, Interface Builder, Core Image Funhouse, Quartz Composer, Dashcode, PackageMaker, iPhone Simulator, Icon Composer, Instruments, Copernicus, Blender(How’d this come last!!!), Jing, Audacity, MacSaber, WiiSaber. WHEW!
Yes, I do have Xcode and the iPhone SDK, for developers. And those apps I listed aren’t all. There’s about 20 of them I haven’t used,(part of Xcode Tools and Utilitys).
P.S. To all Mac Users: No Mac Install is complete till you insert the install disc and select “Install Extra Software”. I Did this months ago but easy to miss!

@sausages:Take a screenie and put it up!
Name them too. :smiley:

I have err none cause I have no mac :smiley:

My Apps… Self Explanatory. Blender is missing because I run it on Vista via Fusion… partly to allow me to use Indigo, but mostly because since Leopard was released Macbooks have suffered terrible lag when trying to run Blender.


I have MBP and it works fine. Leopard. And it is great, and works awesome! (P.S. Now Mac Open GL drivers are fixed on Leopard 10.5.5!)

MacBook Pro’s have a proper Graphics Card, while the MacBook and Mac Mini do not. For this reason the lag is limited to these computers only. Recently Blender started crashing every time I launch it on leopard as well - as this makes no difference to me I haven’t got round to finding out why yet.

Sorry, I was too tired to do the screenie last night. I know I have a lot open:eek:


I think it’s poor usability to have that many things available in the Dock. Ideally, you should have your top 10 most frequent ones, at a maximum. Anything more than that doesn’t need to be in there.

Use a stack or something else to keep lesser things organized by category.
I use Spotlight as a launcher for things that aren’t in the dock.
I know some people that keep only 3 things on their dock: Finder, Quicksilver, and Trash.

I agree, although my dock is a little cluttered with adobe apps I haven’t learnt how to use yet… I keep my main apps in a stack, which can be booted quickly, and if i get too many apps to fit i uninstall them or move them to the “Rarely used apps” folder. But I have 13 Apps in my dock - Finder, Dashboard, Fusion, iCal, Safari,Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere Pro, Pages, iTunes, Adium, and Mail.

@RedJay: That’s All? :eek:
@knellotron: Seriously. I keep all the stuff on the dock cuz then I can easily get to things. I mean, I almost NEVER use stacks!

Nah not all, just the ones I actually use and know what they do. :wink:

Plus, the less I have on the dock, the bigger the icons can be! I love BIG icons!

Use Magnifier in ur preference pane!

There’s always a feature you never knew in the OS!

Nah, it’s in the preference pane in dock!


I find most people have too many things on the dock. It’s actually very effective if you limit what’s there to what you use most, and keep the items in the same order so you go to that area of the dock automatically when you want to open a program. And, if you add a new program, put it near another one of similar purpose so that you can find it easily.

I’m always amazed that people use Mac’s. I guess I just don’t get the appeal.