What are all these birght GI spots?

In my pic, there are all these big GI spots. I know the problem lies in that my lamp is shining off the ceiling, and the GI is messed up a bit, but does anyone know of any fixes for it? I will go try some ideas right now.

You might wanna give us some more details about your setting. Yafray as renderer I assume, but what lamp setup and what photon map settings?
If I had to guess, I’d say you shot a hell of a lot photons from a photon lamp with a high energy setting. Try lowering that if that’s the case, if not… well, see above. :slight_smile:

Well, I have three lamp lamps really close to the ceiling, I have no Photon lamps and I’m not using photons at all. I’m using Irradience cache and I have a low setting for just about everything. But, I took cache off, and now there are a whole bunch of little white dots.

Judging from my experience seeing a bunch of Yafray renders and answers my guess is that the settings may be too low, try raising the settings and see if there’s better results.

Having seen the same thing on XSI GI rendering, I’d say the number of photon you’ve set is too low, so the amount of energy is divided in a few extra bright “spots”(photons). Set the number of photons to a fairly high number (some thousands) and the energy will be equally and smoothly divided

Thanks, you’re probibly right. I’ll try that. Thanks.