What are "duplicates" in this context

(Roken) #1

When rendering, the status bar shows building BVH with a percentage, and “duplicates” with a percentage.

What are the duplicates in this context?

(Pixelfox) #2

I think this means you have Use Spatial Splits checked in Cycles Render->Performance->Acceleration Structure, and it refers to the additional BVH nodes that are generated by “splitting” existing BVH structures as part of that process.

But that’s mostly a guess based on looking at code that I’ve never looked at before :slight_smile:

(Roken) #3

Ahh - you are on to something. I have a particular scene that just hangs (not crashes, the timer is still going, it just doesn’t progress beyond the building BVH stage). Turning off spatial splits and it whizzed through.