wHAT are levels and how do u make menus help

Me and my friend want to make a multiplayer fps i know the multiplayer wasnt figured out yet but i need to know if u can make menus in blender such as Log ins and stuff and like the options button and that kind of stuff. Oh by the way is it possibe with python or just blender to… Let me give an example. For an fps u sign up on the site and then go to the game and sign in inside. Is that possible i mean making a login screen in blender for like an fps that sees if the acc was made and stuff. Yeah its confusing sorry. Plz help Thx a bunch

To start with a fps, search for Socials FPS template. It’s very widely used.

For a beginner, I would say multiplayer on more than one computer is probably not going to work, unless you have a lot of time to spend pouring over python code. From experience, I can say that if you spend enough time staring at code and tweaking, you will eventually understand it.

So yea, for [online-type] multiplayer you will need to learn python and sockets.

I’d try to do as much as possible before posting here, some of the people get kinda worked-up when people which appear to have little experience come with really big ideas.

Me and my bro are trying to make a small game (he’s mainly taking over) and we want to test it online, I’ve asked before but is bZoo outdated and still usefull? Or what’s better for online? We just want to battle cubes with sabers!

@beteasta3, Log in screens are possible with blender.

@killer, I’d say look at bzoo to see how they used the sockets and build your own client/server based system.

Just to make things as clear as possible:

  1. FPSes are possible.
  2. Multiplayer of any type still falls only into the Very Advanced realm. Unless you’re an experienced coder, you probably will not be able to do it. It definitely is not easy and you won’t be able to get much help as very few have done it.

hi, well if you’re still new in python scripting i don’t recommend you to try that now (trust me i tryed it and i am still a noob in python scripting :eyebrowlift:) I recommen yo to search for this magazine you can download it “blenderart_Jan08_Issue14” (it helps:eyebrowlift:)