What are MS up to NOW?!

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Microsoft is in the service business these days. Azure has a heavy presence in Linux land already, so what harm does it do them to offer Office365 to that same customer base?

Whatever money they might lose on a single Windows license, they’ll more than make up with those sweet, sweet subscriptions. No harm, no foul.

This isn’t MS doing the Embrace, Extend, Extinguish thing to Linux. Those days are long in the past. Their focus has changed so much over the last few years that competing OSes are no longer a direct threat to their core business anymore. They’re now potential revenue streams for everything else Microsoft is offering.


Er - what exactly IS Azure?

I’m heavily curious about it, I’ve heard of it but donno anything about it… :frowning:

It’s an gignormous multipurpose cloud platform, primarily used by large businesses. It allows for data storage, backup, application services, and all other kinds of nifty things that people are willing to spend a ton of money on.

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Yeah now is not about the E-E-E strategy, is mostly about services and microservices.

Traditional markets are saturated.
It would still be stupid to make war with each other.
They already know that the world will be very different in the near future …

The computer science is preparing itself by extending into new markets.
So get ready for new environments.

Think also Google’s Cloud services, or Amazon’s cloud services.
Same thing basically.

Look at the way MS has accelerated their apps on iOS and Android, moving on to Linux is just a logical next step. All of MS’s production apps are highly popular on the mobile platforms, or webbased platforms. Adding Linux is just business as usual. There’s money to be made there :wink:

I dont see the harm, I am using linux now and am not finding any necessity to use Microsoft products tbh. I thought there would be lots of apps I would miss but I couldnt be more wrong, so even if they want to push their products to linux, there are cheaper (free) alternatives that do just good enough.
At least for me.

Yes there are. Tell your friends :slight_smile: