What are scenes all about?

i opened a blend file that i did not make or understand and found when i added a shape it is in scene 2.
what is that all about. never seen it before in 2.69
thanks all

Think of a film, you have one scene in an office, with all office furniture ect and your character working at the computer, the next scene is in the street with cars traffic lights trees shops etc and your character in the street.

This is what scenes are all about, you can have different objects environments and even «worlds» in different scenes, you can also have your character in both scenes. The character can either be linked (that way if you edit him it will apply to both scenes) or copied in a totally new version of your character that is totally separate.

You can also set up different scenes for the same objects but using different lighting or backgrounds etc. Each scene has its own animation and output rendering settings etc.

There is a lot more to it but the basic idea is that.

By the way I presume you use 2.69 because of hardware restrictions, if not I recommend you upgrade blender to 2.83, the longer you wait the harder it will be to change a lot of things have changed radically since 2.69.

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Thanks for your help.
i have been using blender for many years.
i got tired of the continual removal of features i use.
i stay with 2.69 for backward compatibility.
many believe that all older projects can be run on newer versions.
i have proven even to experts this is not so.

Yes backward compatability can be an issue, I realize that we all have different needs.

Personally I had to «force» myself to upgrade from 2.79 and at the beginning it was very uncomfortable/frustrating to learn the new iu. I do think it was worth it (not least for Eevee) but it can be a big hurdle. That is why I mentioned it as the further development goes on, the bigger jump it will become.

As I say we all have different needs and use the program for different goals, so it was a suggestion not a critic. :slightly_smiling_face: