What are some good guides to learning blender?

And modeling I am making a game in Unreal Engine 4

On the net. Try to use Google, here is the way:


And Blender manual:

You’re a brilliant :slight_smile:

I know:))) Maybe I’m the only one who has a feeling that people are just getting more and more lazy.

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@john5220, it would probably be wise for you to search our forums and search the web before asking a question which has been answered many times (such as this one).


I would suggest to learn and understand basic modelling, then understand how uvw coordinates work for textures, then maybe child/parent transform relationship and animation. Use YouTube:)

No, you’re not the only one.

@John5220 - What do you already know and what do you want to learn to do?

Tutor4u is a great youtube channel for beginners
if ur a bit more advanced, check out Andrew Price’s “Blender Guru” channel.

I found the Noob to Pro tutorials were great when I first stated.


I agree. about the modeling part. I always found learning basic modeling first in any 3D app is the sure fire quickest way to pick it up. Although I would first always try to texture, animate and render a very simple object. Either just a cube of sphere. Doesn’t really matter as long as it helps to quickly get a wide holistic view of whole the app as quickly as possible.

I found that with learning any of the big 3D softwares the most important thing was grasping their core basic philosophy and key building blocks or components.

For me at least…

With 3DS Max : It was modifiers and controllers.
With Maya : It was nodes and attributes.
With Blender : I found it was objects and data sets.

Once I had grasped those basic elements I was away. So my advice with Blender I guess is to recognize exactly what is an object and what is a data set.

All the best.

Learn by doing.

thanks guys I am starting from scratch making a game in UE4 with blueprints. so I guess I am gonna learn modeling and basics of blender UI

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just make sure you phrase the problem or question as clearly as possible, and post images or blend files whenever possible so we can get a better idea of what you’re trying to do.

I’m also starting to learn how to use blender. But I recommend start doing some sculpting, it is real fun, it feels natural, and if you are use to draw with a tablet, you will find yourself doing wonderful things, and you get slowly learning how to move your self in blender. Then modeling or retopology, try to be motivated doing things complicated, and chalengin. For the rest youtube is a good place to search specific things. (but I’m just a beginner)