What are some good job sites

I mostly check craigslist which is probably incorrect. It seems many of the artistic jobs available there require heavy lifting, customer interaction, cash register, along with the graphic design aspect, which for me would be impossible. I’m now guessing that these are kinko’s type locations and would be terrible experience. many of them are like this though in completely different fields, where they want someone to draw the blueprints in their style and drive to the customers show and make corrections then drive somewhere else and lift some mulch bags and I suspect that craigslist is just an awful location to search for an art job… Any suggestions? IE: “Whoa, craigs is NOT the place to look for any art job, here check this site out instead”

I have Behance, but that is perhaps too excellent for me to even seriously attempt to try and compete with. I figure the employers there will have a heightened “fresh” state of the art idea that is pretty difficult, and they actually have links “Hey if you don’t like my work perhaps you’ll like one of these Behance award winning artists instead?”

I’ve also been thinking of just going to college as a full time student, so I’m going to investigate that right this minute.

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I’ve not used Craigslist, I have used PeoplePerHour, I’m not sure if I would actually recommend it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that bad about it. There are several freelancing sites out there. Wooshii is aimed exclusively at film-makers, but I think it may be aimed at teams rather than individuals. Upwork exist, but they… they have an app that takes a photo of your screen every so often so your client can see whether you’re actually work on the project, which feels a little of an invasion of privacy. There are others.

Any freelancing site will have a whole load of completely unreasonable clients on it, which you will have to weed through. They also mostly have some gamification thing where they favor people who have used the site for a while - getting your first gig will be the hardest.

I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on various free-lancing sites.

Thanks Yogyog, much better than fiverr. Stuck in a craigslist and Fiverr Behance nightmare.

I just now typed “storyboard artist needed” with google and it gave quite a few good results, but I’ve only gotten one human response from these types (weta digital years ago from a super nice lady, before the invention of robo-emails.)

For anyone interested here’s some college grant info I just found, I’m going to try this.
Now I wonder “Would i actually have to physically attend classes?”.

I really hope you get some opinions other than my own. Freelancer exists as well, for a start.

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For Blender-specific things, we have the #jobs:paid-work category here on the forum. You may also want to have a look over at Blender Network.

With Firefox you get a warning that the site is malicious.

Looks like they need to update their SSL cert. I’ll poke some folks and let them know.

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