What are some good Procedural Plastic Materials?

I have a question if anyone can answer, I wanted to know if there are any good plastic material. The reason is that for the self’s when you open the fridge inside. Something like this for example

If anyone response to this question I appreciated it and thank you.

U could honestly do a lot with the principled bsdf. Now there are other ways to make plastic this isn’t the only way. But you could add a principled shader and lower the roughness and play with the other setting until u get what you want. But if your looking for a ginormous tree of nodes there wouldn’t need to be that unless u want like different types of grunge on it but if it’s supposed to be squeaky clean the principled shader can help u, if not at least give u a good base.

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Thank You Tezzy_1xd. I will try that method to apply the shaders and test them out.

Personally, I like my refrigerators to be very clean. :slight_smile: I don’t want any “grunge” where the makings of my next dinner are stored!

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