What are sticky coordinates ?

Hi there !
Can someone explain what sticky UV coordinates are ?
I’ve searched the wiki and couldn’t find anything.

Are they some kind of “projection coordinates ?”

when you make it sticky it means that it wont move until you untstick the vertices in UV editor

hope it helps

You mean the particular vertex in the UV editor won’t move whatever unwrapping method you use ?

Oh God I don’t understand anything (or barely anything) about UV unwraping.
I mean I can do it and get some results, but I always struggle.

I need some tutorials or articles.
I will turn to Blender Mag. There might be an issue with some UV mapping techniques.

Some good link i could follow ?


Attached is a blend file with a cube and a camera on it. On the cube is a texture of smiley faces.

You will notice that the smiley texture is pretty much lined up with the view in the camera (ie it doesn’t appear to be taking notice of the shape of the cube).

If you now take the camera and move it around the cube you will notice that the texture will stay where it is attached to the cube (like a normal texture)

If you then goto the mesh panel (F9) and click the delete button next to the sticky (highlighted in white). And then reclick the sticky button. At the point the smiley texture will reorient to the view point of the camera again.

more info here : http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Textures/Options/Map_Input

Best I can do for explaining this. Hope the Blend file helps.


sticky.blend (151 KB)

Thanks Terry !
OK I see what they do (although I can’t think of a use for that)

That is interesting :somehow I managed to mix it all up completely.
I had the strange association between UVs and stivky coordinates but there seem to be no connection.
I must have been confused with “pinning”.

However there are some buttons for sticky coordinates operations in the UV/image editor.
I need to work that out.