What are the best online games?

I have a laptop:
1.70 GHz, 384 MB ram, 16 MB graphics card, 54 Mbps 802.11 g wireless card.

What are the best free online games (rpg) that I can play with this laptop. Preferably something that some of you guys play. Also Eternal Lands will not play on this laptop.

Heard of runescape?
I haven’t played it, but i’ve heard that it’s popular.
Also it doesn’t look to graphics intensive.

dont do it! CRAPPY!

try tibia instead…

much better

google it

I simple try tibia would have done just fine…

Runescape’s ok, try Last Chaos. Its free full, but it might be a bit slow on your laptop and it will take a while to update first time round.

I play:
http://playredstone.gamersfirst.com/home.php &

runescape…i like to play it…but there are to many people making fun of you for sucking…and idk it really fun…but to addicting.i spent half a summer playing it…

and idk i havent played it in like a year…but its fun

plane shift isn’t that bad, but its alpha and has features missing. runescape is repative and boring.

Runescape is OK. I played for like a year and then got board. You cant do that much without being a member (5$ per month)

Have you played “Guess these intials . . . ?” or the “text adventure game” on this forum. They Rock!

urban terror is pretty good but its not really an rpg

You must try You Have To Burn The Rope. It is one of the greatest online games ever made.

Thumbs up for Burn That Rope!


silk road was amusing for a while…

try space cowboy too, if you have 32bit windows.

Since I am meeting with Turner Broadcasting tomorrow, I have to recommend GameTap, and on that site, the X2 game

Here is another goodie…

not really RPG but it is mid evil artwork, and the game play is a total RIOT!

We need more innovative multi player games like this. I really enjoy all the fighing moves.