What are the best sculpting tools?

So, I was viciously reminded today that I suck at sculpting. I’m wondering whether it has to do with the fact that I’m using a trackpad. I’ve gotten really used to using it for just about anything, but it seems like a pretty bad option for good, accurate strokes. Does anyone know of some good software/hardware for sculpting creatures and stuff?

Most people use a mouse (i do) or a tablet (usually what the experts recommend) to sculpt with Blender.

Blender with Dyntopo (as Multires is unfortunately buggy) is still very good to sculpt with, nearly on par with Sculptris (another excellent free sculpting program).

I’m only using Blender (and in the past Sculptris) for my sculpting needs (and they fit my needs), but judging that most of the images you can see in the gallery on Blenderartist had their maker using Zbrush at some point of those image creation, i guess it tells the tale about what’s the best sculpt application.

But whatever is the sculpt application power, you’re going to have to practice, practice again and again practice to improve your digital sculpting abilities, no theory or sculpt application will make you a modern Da Vinci or Michelangelo in no time :wink: Just don’t give up, with time and practice you will improve your work noticably.

practise is always good
but try a mouse try a drawing pad before you give up
although the results can be the same for any input device the way YOU use the device is wildly diff
and don’t go bigger is better!!
my first drawing tablet (was a deal I couldn’t resist) was an A3, I hated it
my current one is A5 and its great
work out what you like and find to tools to suit you

i can recommend blender for sculpting from heart. it is to me the best sculpting tool around. yes, i use zbrush too, but only for zremeshing and texturing, not sculpting. … and, i would recommend a tablet, even a small one like the wacom bamboo which is not too pricy, will do better than mouse or trackpad, since it is pressure sensitive. that means, while you make a sculpting stroke you can tell blender by the change of pressure on the pen to change the depth applied with the stroke… and, once got used to the pen, its much easier to do fluent strokes, which are essential for good sculpting… :slight_smile: … i work with a bamboo too, so i can tell it really is not neccessary to go for a pricier tablet…