What are the plans for the "Add Primitive" tool?

Is it going to have more features added before release? is it going to be released? Why hasn’t it been?
Any orientation regarding the status of the add primitive tool would be appreciated.

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As the name of this forum suggests, this forum is dedicated for artists using blender. If you want information about blender development you might find better answers here: https://devtalk.blender.org/

So in the category called “Blender Development Discussion” I can’t start a discussion about Blender Development?

What is the category “Blender Development Discussion” for?


Sometimes a dislike option is lacking in this forum :roll_eyes:
Btw I also curious about the progress of this tool it looks promising

There is the folks focussing more on:

  • reporting
  • being smarter
  • spell and grammar check
  • content check
    for them it is important to execute any form of correction on others BEFORE contributing to the question in a helpful way.

and then there is the majority of Blender users who focus more on:

  • how can we be of any help to others
  • how can we stay out of the topic if we have no solution in any form or shape

Anyway, the Devs do check this Forum too… mostly for having a laugh or to see how things are being received. Rarely to respond in an official way (from my own experience)… So Darth Vader is partially correct, this forum even though it is about Blender Development, you will get better answers following the link which he has provided :sunglasses: …that is what I think (unpopular as always)

sure You can, I just tried to help you with a link where you can get better answers to your questions. :T
Your question seemed like pointed at developers. the devtalk forum is where developers hang out.


For anybody interested I asked the question on devtalk.