What are the plugins you use everyday while using Blender that if doesn't exist, would be a source of great inconvenient to you?

What are the plugins you use everyday while using Blender that if doesn’t exist, would be a source of great inconvenient to you ?

Not talking about the NEXT BIG THING plugin, it’s always the underdog unspoken plugin that nobody mention because it’s not “cool and hip” but you know deep in your heart that you NEED it.

I mention mine first.
EasyHDRI [free], because I would rather DIE then have to set up the complicated node needed for HDRI [yes there are easy setups but the node setup that EasyHDRI does is very complete and yet you don’t have to deal with it, you just change it in the T-Panel GUI.]

What’s yours ?

Name Stack, HOps / BoxCutter, MESHmachine, I may be a bit biased on these choices :wink:

Super Grouper, Asset management, Hdri lighting shortcut (V-Ray version), Node arrange.

Definitely SB 1234Select, node wrangler and F2

Edge intersect

Wireframe on shaded

I :heart: threads like this.

• Bool Tool
• Carver MT
• Cycles (it’s still an add-on :slight_smile:)
• LoopTools
• Node Wrangler
• SpeedSculpt (by @pitiwazou)

“Wireframe on shaded”

Thank you jpthrash !!!
You saved my Blender Life !

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SVG Export
Advanced UI Menus
Atom Bomb

  • Node Wrangler: Adds a lot of features to the node editor
  • 3D Navigation: Allows WASF QE Movement in the 3D View
  • Armaranth: DblClick in node editor shows texture in image editor; Savable render layers, many more useful features
  • Render Music: Plays a sound when the render is finished
  • Material Library: Just customizable material list
  • Material Utils: Material replace, selecting etc.
  • Render Auto Save: Saves every F12 render to the project folder
  • UI Pie Menu (offical): Pie menus for selection
  • AutoTileSize: Automatically sets the optimal tile size for the selected render resolution
  • XPS Tools: Import/Export of XPS models, automatic material conversion from Blender Internal to Cycles (I rewrote the feature to use the Principal Shader)
  • FBX Format: Import/Export of FBX models
  • Wavefront OBJ: Import/Export of OBJ models

+2 Addons I wrote myself

Hops, Boxcutter
Loop Tools
Batch Operations /Manager
Custom Normals Tool

Meh… I had to fire Blender up to remember…

Mouselook Navigation
Opengl lights
Copy attributes menu
Tabs Interface
Run script in pyconsole
auto matcap
3d print toolbox
auto seam unwrap

The addons I realy need……
I tried and bought quite some addons. A lot of them, including some paid I don’t need.
I won’t include addons that ships already with Blender.

Here the most useful addons for me, and probably for you too:

  • Asset manager: This addon is really a must to have. Top number one.

  • Pie Menu Editor: Setting up a few menu’s I really needed. After that I am not using the Pie Menu Editor anymore, but I use daily the Pie Menu’s I created with Pie Menu Editor

  • MESHmachine: Indeed the swiss army knife for hard-surface modeling. Soon you can use plugs (check my plugs: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/plugs-for-meshmachine

  • And here one that deservers much more attention: Cuber This is so usefull setting up boolean meshes. This is the only addon where you can define exactly where (precise) you want to have the boolean mesh. With other addons there is a hassle trying to get your boolean mesh nicely in the middle.

Well, that’s it. I could remove all my other addons without really missing it. But there are a few very interesting ones I would like to keep but don’t need them every day:

  • Manuel Bastioni Lab
  • Speedflow companion
  • Tissue
  • Decal Machine
  • Archipack
  • Object Q_P (for making quick doodles)
  • Bligify

Refine Tracking - Use this daily
Convert Materials to Cycles - I don’t use it often, but when I need it, I’m thankful it’s there. Discovered it a year ago when I needed to convert about 500 materials (it was a large cathedral that we purchased). Saved my life.

Interestingly, not a whole lot. The only plugin I use frequently is bsurfaces. It’s extremely useful for retopoing high poly meshes, and combined with the skinwrap modifier it makes it almost trivial to model clothing, which is what I mostly use it for.

Writing this here so people who don’t know about bsurfaces can look it up.

For architectural concept design and some concept renderings:

  • Offset Edges
  • Sure UVW
  • Sun Position
  • BLAM
  • Archipack
  • A custom mod of super grouper
  • BlenderGIS
  • Import OSM
  • Snap Utilities
  • NP Station
  • The Grove
  • tinyCAD
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  • Mira tools
  • Mirth tools
  • Tabs interface ($)
  • Manuel Bastiony Lab
  • Material Utils Specials
  • Tissue
  • Looptools
  • WPL Node Helper
  • custom addons

For future generations, can all of you who have commented do a short one line description as to what these plugins does ? As it is right now, these are just title and we have to guess what they do.

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