what are the possitive thing about gimp?

hello all i am thinking about using gimp for some of my models in blender but i have been having some problems when i try to export the mesh from blender to gimp because when i unwrap the mesh to the uv slot then when i go to script export nothing comes up for me to export lol
but give me your opinion on gimp and this problem if possible:yes::eek::yes:

I like it because you can use multiple different kinds of brushes.

Which version of Blender are you using? I think that once you unwrap the mesh, you simply have to save it as targa in the path you want to keep it (folder) and there is also a setting for waht size you want to use for the image. I did it and the targa was there in white with black mesh lines from the unwrap. I then just have to open the targa with Gimp, make changes/paintover on a layer below the targa and then export the new image to use as a texture mapped to uv in Blender.

Are you using 2.49 or the annoying 2.50?

2.49 but i think i got that problem fixed i need help with getting my mesh that i exported to gimp back in to blender and back on my simple model

Here’s an old tut, maybe useful: