what are the reason that make a blender game run slowly?

im creating a game but my game runs so slow and during my demonstration my professor asking me if i can make it faster but im trying to do it but i dont know how to make it.

what are the reason why the game runs slow?does the vertices affects?what are the possible ways to make faster?

then i try to import from .stl a man but the size is 2.5 mb? is there a way to compress it so i can put it on my game?i need a small size

im creating adventure game and the scence is in the forest.

i hope you can help me.


number of polygons and size of textures decreases performance, particularly on bad [integrated usually] graphics cards

having a large number of objects decreases performance
particularly if they are actors [have logic]
or their logic is complex
or they are dynamic
or they are also rigid bodies
or they have python scripts
or they have bound types other than sphere [polyheder is the worst, polytope is better, but use box or sphere whenever possible]

also having lots of collision faces is bad, even if you aren’t ever going to collide with them

oh my…so i cant make my game faster? :frowning: is ATI 9200 is bad as a video graphic?

im using collision, mouse and keyboard.
is near and random consumes a lot to make my game slow?how about uv mapping?

i wonder is there a way to make my world runs fast.

thanks for your help

The reason is simple. The game engine is crap.

Can’t say i really use the game engine but have you try crystal blender?

i only use the blender.

i never try the crystal blender.
what is crystal blender?
can u give me a brief desciption of it?

madcow…you mean the problem is the engine?

I cvannot call myself an expert but a team decided to up date the game engine, currently outside of blender. it allows you to import your modles and scripts, but converts most of it into C code which allows it to run faster. It also has more modern coding so it has more options, but i’m not sure of all the details but try the link above.

Madcows right though the game engine is just to dated and limited, they are working on it but i don’t think we’ll see much allong the lines of hugh improvments soon.

good luck